South African Travel Womens club was founded in 1958 as a non-profit organsiation, and it was the exclusively male clubs that were the fashion at that time that led to its formation. Constitutionally, this has remained unchanged since inception. Approx. 200 members benefit from monthly lunches, which provide excellent networking opportunities for women in the travel industry. These lunches also allow sponsors to market their products, directly to the travel industry on a one on one basis, and let's not forget, money raised at these lunches are donated to the sponsors choice of charity.


To provide a Travel Industry forum for the purpose of networking and to promote a strong foundation of local and international contacts. Further, we aim to present a professional image of South African Women in travel on an International level, from the many contacts made in the IFWTO. Men and women support our industry. Our lunch support from our male guests has increased over the years, hence why we decided to open our membership to a Top 100 on invitation only male members. If you are interested to join our Top 100 you can apply and we will consider all applications.